Shoot-a-thon and Pictures

Updated Schedule! February 10

UpdatedWednesday February 6, 2019 byGNGYBA.

Date: Sunday, February 10:  Shoot-a-thon and Pictures

GNG High School

Please wear your uniform for both events.


Shootathon-  You all should have received a few emails by now (from 99Pledges) with details about our one fundraiser this year.  The idea is that family/friends pledge money for our athletes to shoot 30 free throws each.   The email is from "99Pledges".  Please forward the link to your child's donation page so people can donate.  It really helps keep our costs down for registration and other storage and equipment needs.   Let your coach know if you have any questions about this.


Pictures- are directly after the Shootathon.  Please wear your uniform for both the Shootathon and Pictures.  We will give out picture information soon.


Here is the updated schedule:     Please arrive 15 minutes before your time so you are ready to take your foul shots!


                   8:30am Pacers                                   8:45am Clippers

                   9:00am Grizzlies                                9:15 8G Boys

                   9:30 7G Girls/ 7-8G Girls Combo       9:45 Mercury

                   10:00am Knicks                                10:15am 5G Boys

                   10:30am 7G Boys Red                     10:45am Thunder

                   11:00am Bulls                                    11:15am 7G Boys Blue

                   11:30am Cavs                                    11:45am 6G Girls

                  12:00pm 6G Boys                               12:15pm Liberty

                  12:30pm 8G Girls                                12:45pm Celtics

                  1:00pm Storm                                      1:15pm 5G Girls